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My M40A3 Inspired Rifle

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  • My M40A3 Inspired Rifle

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ID:	42421 As an introduction to this passion, I put together a rifle that I plan on shooting weekly at our club’s private range. We shoot Mid Range matches (600yds) and Long Range matches (800-1000 yds) once a month. I’ve been shooting a 6br in MR and a 284Win in LR, both off from a Seb Neo front rest. I became a competitive shooter in our group and had fun doing it, but felt that I had missed something by progressing past the 308 and Harris bipod rifles. That is where it all started.

    So I jumped in with a Remington 700 SPS Varmint, a McMillan A-4 stock, and I was on my way. I am not trying to make it an accurate clone, just a good shooter and practice rifle for me. I’ve done the preliminary load work and am ready for the first MR match this Saturday.

    I do do plan on having a good and proper M40A1 built in the future and I’m starting to put together the parts I will need. Any help with that will be appreciated.


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    I just realized that some of you may not be familiar with the F Class targets, so I'll give the basics. X ring is 3", 10 ring is 6" and 9 ring is 12". The Electronic target system is Shot Marker, viewed on my iPad, and I took a screen shot of it.