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Evolution of the A3

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  • Random Guy
    I am not expert on the M40A3s and I'm surprised others have not chimed in. If it were me, the build would revolve around the scope chosen: Unertl = early A3, and S&B scope = late A3.

    Here's 3 dates for consideration:

    2002: First M40A3s arrive in fleet, more or less. USMCSGT0331 stated that GG&G rings were used on the earliest versions, but I don't know more than that.
    2007: S&B wins USMC contract for new M8541 scope to replace the aging Unertls, so presumably in 2007 M40A3s start getting the new scope and 34mm rings.
    2009: M40A5 configuration approved, so the A3s get rebuilt as they come in for servicing beginning that year.

    Somewhere in that time frame, I think a change order came out allowing the A3 to be threaded for the SureFire muzzle brake & suppressor, and the PGW rail is also allowed to be installed on A3s. One 2112 I talked to years ago said that the change order did not allow changes to the bottom metal as that would require re-bedding of the rifle and related work. I got the impression that after this change order came out, when A3s came in for a new-barrel, the SF brake and PGW rail was added, and the new scope and rings too, if available - per this 2112 who was at PWS at the time. I wish I knew what year that change order came out, but I don't recall.

    Hopefully others know more. (Marty of Badger Ordnance would definitely know more about the specific timelines...)

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  • John Nors
    started a topic Evolution of the A3

    Evolution of the A3

    Anyone know of a thread or or site or any source that would document the versions of the m40a3? I get that there could be a near infinite combination of parts that are combined based on what’s on hand in the armory to keep a rifle in service.

    But in general, things like:

    First rifles were large button book stock, DD Ross bottom metal, unertl scope,etc.

    i have an a3 and am probably building another Trying to decide what to buy and the way to rearrange parts between the two.