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  • M40A3 configuration

    Okay I need your guys help figuring this out , I know an early m40a3 had a 10x unertl and a large butthook and a DD Ross Bottom Metal. And the later m40a3 rifles had a Schmidt and bender pmii 3-12x50 and the same dd ross bottom metal and some had the pgw and some had the simrad cap. But what I was going for is a m40a3 modified pgw mount and a badger M5 DBM , the reason I say "modified" is I talked to a nice usmc pws armorer and he told me there wasnt transitional m40a3s but... he said some were " modified " in the fleet and before they put on a surefire break on it and made it the m40a5 that we all know . what I'm basically asking is do I just add a pgw and break and have and A5 or get a dd ross and then it will be a later m40a3 or do the M40A3 Modified ( Transitional with Badger M5 DBM ) and call it done. I'm not trying to offend anyone I just need your help .

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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	45086 my rifle

    what I was going for

    Click image for larger version

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    also in this photo of a marine sniper holding one Click image for larger version

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      Okay my buddy who has done some digging found some more proof that there was in fact a m40a3 variant with a pgw mount and a badger m5 dbm , after talking with my buddy ( retired Marine) and a pws armorer at Quantico, Virginia I am happy to say that anyone who has one in this configuration has a later m40a3 that was more than likely modified out in the fleet . Click image for larger version

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        Was not modified in the fleet was made by PWS