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  • My A5 build WIP

    Been trying to build one on and off for over 10yrs and just fell into my parts this time around. This build will give me all the function and look but im not delusion to even call it spec. This rifle will be used in PRS type matches in my clubs 308 division.

    When it was announced premier was done and most believed their scopes wouldnt be under warranty I was able to snatch a premier 3-15x50 for $1k but double turn...for 1k it will give me the look and function but not be 100% correct. Had it on an Ar until Geoffs add tempted me.

    Geoff just happened to be selling a correct A5 stock, badger M5, pgw rail, m24 trigger and pws lug and was 45 min from where i lived.

    My very first rifle I ever owned is a G prefix so that became my donor. It currently has a 6creedmoor barrel in m40 contour which should be shot out in anther 100-300 rounds. Going to burn it out while I wait for my reamer. Instead of a contract schneider Ill likely go with a bartlein, kreiger or mullerworks in 10 twist to try some of sierras 190 grain bullets.

    Ordered a surefire brake straight from surefire, badger rings and rail from Triad Tactical and picked up a simrad cap from a gentleman on here. Also have an excellent suppressor guy who found me a new sealed FA762SS...not every day you find one and get to cut open the seal yourself! 4-6 month wait on that to get let out of jail.

    Raven6 isnt far from me so he was my obvious choice for the A5 receiver cuts and DAMN was he fast. I wasnt even sure my receiver got to him yet and he was calling to say it was on its way back. Lucky break in his schedule he says.

    need the notched bipod and kwm podloc to finish it off. Have a green quick cuff already...spec is Tan but i can live with it.

    now for what everyone just scrolled past all that hot air

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    The A5 came together fast and looks good ...


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      Looks good!


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        Been slow progress. Trying to still kill this 6creed barrel so I can put the correct bolt and barrel on it. 1700 rounds and shoots as good as the day I got her.

        Also managed to pick up the correct S&B scope (not 8541marked) this week so I took her out to zero and test. Put the Premier on my AIAX for the time being.


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          Great lookin' rifle! I wouldn't worry too much about wearing out the barrel just to get a couple of visual changes made.

          Is it saying something that the M40A5 is starting to look classic?


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            yea its really no visual difference...youd have to be looking at hundreds a day to spot the slight difference from this bartlein m24 contour and a schneider. Its just its chambered in 6creedmoor. I started the build just to get the look of an A5 but I kept stumbling into the correct parts and now I feel like it would be a sin to have it chambered in anything but the correct 308 with the same reamer.

            At this point I'd say it is a classic...with every branch going to full metal chassis systems this was one of the last fiberglass stocked rifles. Similar to when they switched from hunting rifles and started the M40 series.


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              VERY NICE. Love the Premiere, I have the same one on my, double trun or not these scopes are killer. I orefer them over the SBs.


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                actually I have all the parts sitting here and going to put her together this friday/saturday. I managed to get a good deal on the old turret style S&B 3-12 so right now i have the premier and S&B to choose from. Seeing as I have both scopes I've been toying with building an M110

                Also picked up my Surefire FA762SS this past weekend and got a Bowers suppressor cover in. Not sure if I'll use the suppressor cover but well see.

                Decided I'm not going to have the B/A done in oxide, I have duracoat black oxide I'm going to coat it with instead. 1) I'm not into the wait time right now and 2) since Raven got out of the work I'm not up for sending my work to just anyway.

                ALSO! and this is really exciting for me...I managed to finally get my M24 trigger figured out and to a crisp and consistent 2# pull. I never realized this before but its supposed to have a tiny little spring on the over travel adjustment screw that pushes back on the trigger/trigger sear to reset the trigger. I hadnt known that and was using the upper weight adjustment screw to serve that function which is why I couldnt get a reasonable trigger pull. I ordered some Wolff reduced power trigger springs and had the same issue and ripped apart my 40x trigger to swap guts and see if it helped and realized I was missing that spring. Put it in the M24 trigger and boom...fixed everything. I can actually drop it to 1lb 8oz but I like to stick a bit higher on the safe side.

                Expect some build pics to go up here later this weekend.