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M40a5 build in Norway

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  • M40a5 build in Norway

    just want to share my build with you folks. I got a lot of inspiration from all posts here on this forum, so i want to give something back.

    the only thing i miss now is the Stock from McMillan, but that is on its way from US to Norway.

    Got the following parts;
    DD Ross Recoil lug
    DD Ross mount
    Badger rings
    Badger M5 dbm
    Sling from Tactical intervention
    Remington 700 sa reciver
    Schneider barrell usmc spec
    Night vision mount from PGW
    Sinrad scope mount

    I also have the bolt and trigger, but i havent got a picture of them.

    I am waiting for a Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 PM2 with the old mil dot retickle. I know this is the wrong scope, but i have to wait buying a new til after the rifle is finnished.

    The one thing i find that is not so easy to get a correct answer on is what kind of finnish is on the M40A5? C&H precision weapons say thay use Du-Lite black oxide on all metal parts. Is that correct if i want an exact replica of the usmc m40a5?
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    Include pictures of that awesome Norway landscape you guys typically shoot your rifles on please.
    "...But they would never find anything to beat the old Springfield ...the long sleek streamline, very slim but with potent bulges, all in the just exactly right places to give it that pugnaciously forward-leaning, eager look that marked the Springfield. Beside it, the M1 looked like a fat old man puffing with a lack of training...the two most beautiful things made in America were the ax-handle and the clipper ship? ...they should have added one more thing: The Springfield '03 rifle..."


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      Here are the 700-800m range we use the most. The first 100meter is the pistol range.
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        Great kit! And yes, black oxide should be the correct finish for the barreled action. Keep the pics coming when the build is started.


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          A small update;
          My rifle parts are now sendt to the gunsmith for starting to put it together. The stock from McMillan will be here i January, so my build will not be complete until then.

          i bought som ekstra parts from the US when i was collectinc parts for my build, and have one Surfire Muzzle brake for sale i somebody need. I can send to countrys in Europe. Contct me on for more info

          I also got a scope that i have to see if i can use until i buy a exact model. This i not totally in spec