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Looking for a good contact for a5 parts.

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  • Looking for a good contact for a5 parts.

    As the title says I'm looking for someone who can provide me with some a5 parts for my build. I will simply put up my list I still need or currently want to buy and we can go from there. I'll give full credit to the sticky post titled M40A5 parts list for providing me the information.

    Here are a couple of things that can at least get me to shoot it and to replenish the funds.

    - Schneider 'USMC contract' barrel
    - P/N SRBM40A330812

    Muzzle brake:
    - Surefire
    - P/N MB762SSAL/RE

    Bottom metal:
    - Badger M5 DBM
    - P/N 306-82

    - PGW PVS-22 mount
    - P/N A-004/M40

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    Not really a contact but if you want quickly available parts...

    Barrel - Call or Email Gary Schneider direct - One week and $365 shipped -

    Muzzle Break - Items are gone but contact seller they may have more I purchased a few from them.

    Bottom Metal -

    PGW -


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      thanks for the information.

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    Yup. Everything but the pgw you can get straight from the manufacturer. Last year surefire included me in a run they were making. Just be sure to check in every other day around the quoted time...

    gary is a cool guy who has a couple on hand he sells and is more than happy to give any info/specs you want to know.

    badger bottom can be had straight from badger and pop up in forum for sale sections often. Triad tactical also carries the rings/bottom metal.


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      Originally posted by FUNCTIONAL View Post
      Yup. Everything but the pgw you can get straight from the manufacturer.
      Thanks for the information. I do realize that I can get all of these parts from the manufacture, but if someone is selling the same part for cheaper then I will go that route.


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        I bought my PGW rail straight from them. They was great to deal with. That’s been bout 4 years ago tho.