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  • McMillan inlet question 

    I sent an email to McMillan but curious if an A4 stock can be converted from Ross to M5 bottom metal. I have an A3 I want to get moved to a mod 1 (early larger hook) stock. Wanted to see if I could get the current stock altered to build an A5.


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    Yes, the DD Ross M1 footprint is smaller than the Badger M5 DBM footprint, so McMillan can open it up for you no problem.


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      FYI for any future readers. McMillan responded and said the Ross bm was wider than the badger. They do not offer this service. Could probably be done by someone but they state they don’t offer this service.


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        Who at McMillan told you that? I just took out a spare DD Ross M1 and Badger M5 and measured them. The widths at the main sections (trigger guard, mag well) may be the same or very close, but the Badger M5's footprint is bigger in every other noticeable way (length, corners and curves).

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      Talk to Badger....


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        attached is the response I got.


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          From my memory (which isn't great) you can open the stock to accept the Badger M5 from the Ross. However there will be gaps in some areas particularly at the front of the box and rear and that is probably where McMillan was talking about the fill possibly falling back out. The areas can be filled with Marine Tex or some kind of bedding area but appearance isn't great. Think about it this way, if the Marines had A3's and converted to the A5's did they really scrap all those stocks and buy new just for a different bottom metal inlet? Again my memory sucks so I could be totally wrong.