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Fair asking price for A1 clone with slight mods?

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  • Fair asking price for A1 clone with slight mods?

    I don’t really need to sell but it’s getting to where I’m going Close to a year between shooting sessions and that isn’t sitting well with me.

    Raven built on E prefix action. HTG stock with adjustable spacer system added by McM. Bradley adjustable cheek riser installed. USO with serial number 71776 in TMA mount and with Badger pic rail/A3 rings. Muzzle was threaded by Class3Machining(industry leader in threading barrels) with taper added(not exactly how I wanted it but it works great). Schneider contract barrel. Built December 2017. 180 rounds to date. Not painted.

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    Post some pics of the build will help us provide a better value assessment. But just based off the fact that it’s off-spec, most will value it less than if it was built to spec.


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      I can verify that I built that rifle as a spec M40A1. Other than the threaded barrel it looks like it could be converted back to spec. I can also vouch for Brandon, he's top shelf in my book.


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        A visit by the local electrician to check out a breaker has turned into “re-wire 3/4 of the house”. So, I figured I’d go ahead and upload pics.

        Pics of the Reyvn as is currently sits. It was built as a spec A1 by Mark. Mods I have done/had done are as follows:

        Adjustable spacer buttpad done by Mcmillan

        Barrel threaded(crown left as built) by Class3Machining. It wasn’t done exactly how I wanted it but it is 5/8-24 and includes the Sig/Q taper

        Badger Ordnance A3 lugged base and 30mm rings with 1” inserts as on the A3/Unertl.

        Bradly adjustable cheekpiece. Makes life a lot better/cleaner

        No other mods were done. The scope has the Tenebraex kill flash specific to the Unertl/USO. Harris bipod with podloc underneath.

        All mods were done specifically to improve shootability of the rifle. The original A1 configuration made for terrible range time for me. That’s why the gun only has 180 rounds to date down the tube.
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