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    My father gave me this knife I have not been able to find out the name of this knife I was told it was used by the Green Beret does anyone know what the name of this model Busse knife this is thank you geoff3

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    I am no Busse expert, but it may be a Busse custom shop version of the "Special Forces Natural Outlaw." The handle definitely looks Busse, but the blade shape isn't what I am used to. I have a buddy with a half dozen or so Busse's. Kinda expensive kit. I don't know if it was used by a green beanie (affectionate term by an old jarhead), it doesn't look used at all in the pictures. Busse has a following in the military community and while they aren't cheap (there are no cheap Busse's!) they are well regarded. They are really tough USA made.

    As far as being issued, there are very few "issued" knives. There are more with NSN's out there now and since the last decade of conflict. Many units could buy on open purchase - sometimes companies gave a "deal" to certain folks and sometimes knives were given out as a presentations. Individual purchase and unit tolerance usually dictates what is carried.


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      Hello George I have to ask my father more info on the knife I know he bought it in the early 2000's and there was one thread on one of the blade forums otherwise I have gotten the same response from other people , I think the name of the knife is the Seoul blade ,thank you geoff3