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ARD for Leupold Mk4 60mm spotter

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  • ARD for Leupold Mk4 60mm spotter

    So, I got the Mk4 in the TMR reticle. Thanks for all the great input helping me to make that reticle choice. Beautiful, clear, bright image, and I love the reticle.

    But, during morning shooting I'm facing the sun and getting a good amount of glare and artifacts in the image. I see Tenebraex and Leupold offer ARDs for these, but they run over $100!

    Are there any less expensive options? And, is the Leupold ARD just a rebranded Tenebraex?

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    Rigger's tape over the lens but I'd just get the ARD, brother.


    • SemperFi
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      Thanks for the recommendation. It seems that's the only viable option at this point.