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I guess USO MST-100's did make it onto USMC rifles

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  • I guess USO MST-100's did make it onto USMC rifles

    I remember seeing some debate and comments here a while back saying the USO scopes never actually made it onto USMC rifles, well judging by the latest offering at CMP it would appear they certainly did make it onto USMC rifles

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    There are several errors in Joe Poyer's book, Collecting the American Sniper Rifle: 1945-2000, but I think he is correct regarding this topic. He noted 6 different versions of the Unertl 10x scope.

    4. Fourth Variation: when the M40A3 was adopted, U.S. Optics was asked by the Marine Corps to build new MST-100 scopes. The newly made USO/MST-100 scopes were quite similar to the Unertl-manufactured scopes except they have coil rather than leaf-springs and the finish was changed to a rust-resistant black Teflon. They were marked on the left, USO (Logo)/USMC SNIPER/Serial Number (4 digits), see figure 4-29.
    Figure 4-29 shoes a USO marked MST-100 scope, serial # 2920, and the rifle is serial # 222990. I don't know about that rifle, only that is says :"Photo courtesy of United States Optics USO".

    Others know more, but my understanding is that during the M40A3 program US Optics rebuilt the old Unertl scopes, and if they were unserviceable, US Optics replaced them with new scopes marked "U.S.O" over "USMC SNIPER". That replacement policy was most likely a requirement in the Statement of Work built into their contract with the USMC. (The old Unertl company was out of business in the early 2000s). I doubt that many new USO marked scopes were made as replacement scopes, but they were used as seen in the CMP auction and noted by other sources. So I consider a USO marked MST-100 "correct" for an early M40A3. Others may disagree...but anyhow.


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      I can't believe these idiots have ran it up over 3K with almost five days left. It's just a MST. I don't get it. Hoping none of you guys just got called idiots!
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        Come on, now. It’s got those $1k rings on it!


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          Took this pic a few years ago at the vintage match. I don't know the story with the U.S.O. on the A1,but it was checked back into the armory at the end of the day..


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            Here was a link to another one, serial number 3123, that sold in May:


            The CMP didn't have the description right on that one.