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  • Should I Buy This ....

    I have been looking for a used schmidt and bender pmii 3-12x50 with a gen II Mildot reticle and I found one but it is 13 years old and the turrets are DT and the glass looks clear and no issues there but I worry it would cost alot to fix even though I contacted Schmidt and Bender usa and they said $280 to look it over which is fine but I want to mount it and go shooting lol, basically my question is should I snag it up for my m40a3/a5 build or save up and get the MTC ccw version. He is giving me a great deal under 2k for it and a few sunshades. Click image for larger version

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    Get it. It's already got the PR M118LR knob on it. Would be a shame to swap that for MTC....


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      I looked it up and it's rare to find one like that I may just keep it as is cause that's pretty awesome it was for the 175 grain ammo


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        Its crazy how we will pay $3k no prob for a Unertl or other period correct scope, but scoff at paying $2k for a far far far superior spec scope that will and can be used for everyday shooting. haha but sub $2k for that scope is a decent deal.



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          I know lol I got lucky , I just had to ask everyone to make sure and I talked with schmidt and bender usa ( Jerry) nice guy by the way. And he told me do not change it it was the 1st gen scopes the scout snipers used before mtc. So I'm gonna definitely get it asap and get it on my rifle .


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            Dang... Nice find!!


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              Thanks , DW


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                After a little bit more taking With schmidt and bender USA I have come to the conclusion that being the date that it was bought it has a good chance that it was assembled at Premier, and the only difference is mine dosent have a USMC M8541 on it but I'm pretty excited to get it to complete my m40a3/a5 build but I will be adding a PGW mount later I'm going for a buil like in the pic. Click image for larger version

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                  Click image for larger version

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                    That's a Bad-Ass rifle brother!!

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                  Thanks man I cant wait to get it to the range