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Zeroing the Mst-100

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  • Zeroing the Mst-100

    Looking to tap into the wealth of knowledge and get as much info on the process as possible.
    I've downloaded some PDF files on the scope and understand how to make adjustments ect.
    First question I have is I used a laser boresight to get it on paper and I turned the elevation turret to 5- Now if I undo the set screw can I spin the turret to 1 and then take a shot (assuming its close on paper) then make adjustments with the big Hex key?
    Do I just turn the dial to 1 take a shot see where it falls and fingers crossed its close and or safe and then start making hex adjustments?
    Below should be a picture of my clone build.
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    Actually if memory serves me correct you should set the dial to "1", loosen the small set screw on the side of the dial and use the large one in the center of the dial to adjust elevation/windage, then tighten the small set screw when your finished.


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      What if it’s significantly not bore-sighted and your sending lend god knows where?


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        You bore sight the same way.


        • fourhourswest
          fourhourswest commented
          Editing a comment
          Yeah silly me I didnt even think of that, is there anything else I should be mindful of?
          Thanks again for your response!

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        if you don't have one get the scope tool to adjust the parallax. Other than that, enjoy your rifle.


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          I adjusted parallax and zeroed at 300.

          Set scope to "3" when zeroing.

          I did fine tune at 100 after I had a 300 zero using setting "1".

          Do not gorilla tighten the set screw. snug is all you need.
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            Ill post in here tomorrow with a range report with factory ammo- Hopefully its a positive outcome.
            Do you guys happen to have clear photos of the Hex adjustment part of the manual? Ive filtered through old threads but cant seem to find a clear photo.