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Need help identifying this scope please!

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  • Need help identifying this scope please!

    Hello men, 2005-2007 time frame this scope was on m107 us army Barrett and m24 Remington side by side. Cannot find any info or other pictures regarding these scopes. This is the best pic I have of one. I’ve been to the end of the internet again with no luck on identifying them. Don’t know if they were an in country swap but 99 out of 100 times they each would have 4.5-14 Leupold on barter and leupold fixed 10x on m24. Thanks in advance for the help!! M440

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    Maybe a US Optics SN3???
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      Yeah, definitely looks like a US Optics scope, based on the ocular housing and the turret body.


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        I was suspecting that because the eye piece, I just haven’t found another one like it with that turret arrangement, but as I understand us optics could custom build a scope to your preference as far as location of windage turret and battery turret. Thanks for the insight!!


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          It's a US Optics 3.2-17X44 TPal (Turret Parallax). The parallax adjustment is on the left side and that is the rheostat for the lit reticle on top, right in front of the capped elev knob.


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            Thank you fellas!