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    i was looking at a molle II pack. Here's one on eBay:

    the local one is desert tan which I prefer but this one is more complete and less expensive.

    Anyone care to comment on this?


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      Tactical Tailor seems to have some nice updates for the Alice pack.

      Frames might be something that need to have a reboot..

      When fit right they put the weight on your hips and allow air circulation to keep you cool.

      I think the only reason they went away was because they make the pack tough to stuff in the average car rather than something better came along.

      My issues with the Alice pack were more the result of serving when sleeping bags were down and canvas as well the shelter half was a slab of canvas and some douche was checking to make sure you were packing them as well as a pair of spare boots and perhaps a field jacket.

      Combine Alice with a modern sleeping bag and carry a realistic load I think you got a pack that carries well and isn't too big nor too small.

      Its top only accessibility is still sucky but its only a foot and a half deep to dive in not three feet like the ILBE/Bora 95. The outer pockets give you options for gear you need quick access to.
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        I think whatever I get, I will add external pockets to fit my needs. A first aid kit comes to mind as needing quick access, as does food, cleaning kit... I'm 99% certain it supports a water bladder (Camelback) as well, like the ILBE which is a very nice option.

        The big eye opener for me, was the bottom compartment of the ALICE II pack. That was some brilliant engineering (and long overdue!). The false floor can be unzipped to make it one big compartment too, so you are not "stuck" with either configuration.

        Maybe I'll have one of the employees there climb in the pack and I'll put it on and adjust it, to see how well it carries a large load. Short of that, I'll find out the return policy and pack it with books at home and try that and return if it doesn't work.

        The ALICE looks wide (big hips Alice??) rather than tall, which could be good. If it's away from the body it feels heavier, even if cooler with air flow... Anyway, I value the input and I also want to try an ALICE if I can find one to try.


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          "The big eye opener for me, was the bottom compartment of the ALICE II pack."
          Assumed you meant Molle ll?

          When you get an ALICE pack, get the large. The medium is good for short warm weather patrols, but when we got the larges the gates of heaven opened up and we could actually fit everything IN the pack instead of strapped and hanging stuff on the outside of it. That is, until the iso-mat replaced the rubber bitch.

          I wish they'd avoid zippers on field packs, or at least provide eyelets or something as an alternate means of closing the opening when the zipper fails.

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        Yes you are right. Too many acronyms for my late night brain...

        and the zipper false floor floor of the molle has eyelets to lace up the bottom when the (massive) zipper fails.

        I got a call call this afternoon that "my" pack was in... I'll try it out tomorrow.


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          So I checked it out today. They asked the warehouse for a nice one and it certainly is. A couple scuffs but complete and very clean.

          I tried it on and they put three steel chest plates and a big first aid kit inside. I tweaked it a bit and jumped around the place as much as I dare do as not to be mistaken for an asylum escapee...

          long story short, I bought it. $85 with tax and it has the two "feed bags" (sustainment pouches) with it. I didn't steal it but that seems on par with eBay for similar condition and completeness.

          It may may be a while but I'll report back after further testing...


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            A little update to this.

            So the molle ii is nice and comfortable but it is big. That's ok because I wanted a larger pack. I also appreciate the "basement" it has for either boots or bedding. You don't have to don scuba gear or empty the entire pack to get to the bottom.

            Being big big means I can pack it with bulkier less frequently used items. Camp/ cooking items, clothing, tent perhaps etc.

            i also grabbed a deal with my eBay bucks- the "3-day" assault pack which can be worn alone or on the back of the main pack. My thoughts are to use this most of the time and pack it with more frequently used items such as food and raingear/hats/first aid. Still would be plenty of room but we'll see how it goes.

            The assault pack deal included a vest and a bunch of pouches. I wasn't interested in the vest really but the additional pouches seem handy. Who knows, maybe I'll like the vest once I get it. I'm hoping for a modular system that I can quickly adjust to my needs without completely unpacking and repacking for every outing.

            I welcome comments on what, if anything, you guys do along these lines.