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  • FA762SS Suppressors IN STOCK

    Alright guys. My suppressor guy gave me one of the best gifts with a phone call and I want to pass along this gift to you all.

    He is a small local business in Charlotte NC.

    9....yes NINE brand new sealed FA762SS suppressors with nsn numbers for a very normal price (considering what ive seen people charging for them lately)

    I know there's alot of A5 builds going lately and some A6 builds happening so for the community who helped kick off my A5 build i wanted to help you and him out.

    did my paperwork today for mine.

    He also has a few muzzle brakes in stock but they are 1/2x28 thread. Bought one for my AR so I have more use.

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    That great because RWS is being dumb on his prices.


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      Yea i was hoping i could get his snipers hide discount...all hed do is throw in a muzzle brake.

      was gunna pull the trigger on a griffen rsta for similar looks/brake when my guy said to give him 5 minutes. The rest is history.

      with tax, stamp fees and buying a brake im still in it for less than RWS asking price.


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        Thats nice that you found the correct one for your build, the brake with 1/28 thread is that for the suppressor you posted the picture of ? How is the rest of your build coming post some pictures when you have time ,thank you geoff3


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          Yes the 1/2x28 brake is for this suppressor. I have the correct 5/8x24 brake coming from surefire but i snagged this to run on my AR DMR. I wanted a over the barrel suppressor for it so this kills 2 birds with 1 suppressor.

          build is coming, i inletted the stock for the pgw and had Raven do the A5 receiver cuts. Bedding the pgw tonight and assembling it in the next day or 2. Will get some pics up then.

          also sorry for not returning your call. Had a very very busy week/weekend. Well talk this week.


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            Your guy at Tar Heel is now charging $1500 for that suppressor. That's $300 more than RWS was!


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              Rws must have lowered it. Rws originally had it at 1800 when i tried to take it off his hands and was unwilling to budge on the price.


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                Mine was $1455 shipped with a brake, but that was in 2016...