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M40A5 deployment kit

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  • M40A5 deployment kit

    These are the only pictures I can find online of the M40A5 deployment kits.

    In the first picture, from left to right above the rifle are:
    1. Slope Doper
    2. Weapon log book
    3. 8 x AICS 5 round mags
    4. Instruction sheet? in a bag
    5. M40A3/A5 operator's manual
    6. Bolt
    Below the rifle from left to right:
    1. TIS sling in a bag
    2. Surefire FA762SS kit - Suppressor, pouch, cleaning brush
    3. Otis cleaning kit
    4. Tenebraex Killflash ARD
    The kit is in a tan Pelican 1750 case.

    The pictured kit contents match up with published materials lists with the exception of the ARD and Pelican case not being black.

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    There is also a second set of (blurry) pictures of a different kit:

    [Dead link]
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      Awesome, thanks buddy! Exactly what I needed

      Man, at 65$ a piece, that's +-550$ worth of mags...


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        What color is the issued TIS sling? Black, tan or olive?


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          Ive seen both tan and black TIS slings here .....I have also seen guys running leather MRT slings as well...Just fyi
          Those that were black were painted tan...Have not seen green. (my exposure is extremely rare, but try and pay attention when I am) Not to say they aren't here....Just that I haven't seen any.
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            Going to revive this thread if it's okay. Any chance we could get pictures of individual components of this kit? Really interested in manuals, instructions, and Otis cleaning kit.


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              I second that. Let see the manual and instructions.


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                Some info about misc items and parts. Hope that helps. Do a search on Google with NSN and parts number for pictures. I'll snap some pics of the manuals when I get back home.

                This thread also contains info and pictures related to the A3-A5:


                - OTIS cleaning kit MFG-308-7 NSN 1005-01-453-3783:
                - Harris bipod S-BRM NSN 1005-01-511-7758
                - Pelican case black 1750 NSN 6760-01-491-2838. The TAN case was not issued a NSN number. If damaged, replace by 1750 black case.
                - Pod-Loc NSN 1005-01-511-9944
                - Surefire suppressor pouch 8465-01-566-6807

                Add to that:

                - 8 x AICS mags part # 3901 NSN 1005-01-557-3101
                - Surefire FA762SSBK suppressor
                - Slope Doper
                - Tenebraex ARD in its case

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                  Damn never knew Tenebraex was in Boston. Dry Dock Ave is an up and coming part of town. Its where Marines and Sailors want to be when Fleet week comes around. Lots of short skirts in summer time, kind of bone chilling cold in the winter time. Used to be where the Army base was and the Navy had three or four dry docks in there that probably went 24/7/365 during WWII.

                  I doubt they make anything down there I assume it is just the U.S. Distributor office. Wonder if I went sniffing around they would throw scraps in the dumpster for me.
                  "...But they would never find anything to beat the old Springfield ...the long sleek streamline, very slim but with potent bulges, all in the just exactly right places to give it that pugnaciously forward-leaning, eager look that marked the Springfield. Beside it, the M1 looked like a fat old man puffing with a lack of training...the two most beautiful things made in America were the ax-handle and the clipper ship? ...they should have added one more thing: The Springfield '03 rifle..."


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                    What about the ACI? I don't see it in the pictures but saw them on rifles at Lejeune.


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                      Tenebraex did manufacture in Boston, However, it is no longer in Boston, it was acquired by Armament Technology in Halifax Nova Scotia.


                      • pmclaine
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                        Would be nice if next year when Halifax sends down the annual Christmas Tree commemorating Bostons help after the munition ship explosion that devastated their city during WWI they include kill flashes for me....

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                      here's another thanks to USMC grunt
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                      • echo25mar
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                        I'll fix it when I get home. Going to sight in the a5.

                      • USMC Grunt
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                        Sorry guys. I tried to get the picture on here but I didn't even get that far. Hopefully echo25 will have better luck than I did.

                      • Game Warden
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                        That was just a joke man. No problem.

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                      lets try this again. Great picture provided by USMC grunt


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                        This probably isn't part of the kit (not sure), but I would think it would be an important thing to have.


                        • SemperFi
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                          ''This one is new as well.''
                          I have one. 2004 isn't new. It has comeups for the Unertls.

                        • Raven 6
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                          New as in, not written in. Your right though it was used when the M40A3 was in service.

                        • Game Warden
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                          Mine covers the M40A3/M40A4 (that's what it says), M40A5, SASR, Mk-11 all with the SSDS M8541/M8541a. I sent one to TMA a year or so ago, his was even different than the one that I have now.

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                        Wonder why they didn't select the 10 round magazines over the 5's?


                        • deltawiskey
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                          I have experienced some feeding issues occasionally with the 10 round, maybe they did also?

                        • Raven 6
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                          Maybe that's the reason for 8 of them.

                        • Game Warden
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                          I was saying that it wasn't logical to use the five round magazine. Many units have upgraded to 10 round magazines or the individual snipers did.